Female Models


Fashion, Glamour, Swimwear, Commercial Models

As the driving force behind a diverse array of careers, LUX Model Management as the international modeling agency and model management, commits to helping talents, female models reach their full potential through encompassing service that is based on foresight.

We consider each represented individual with thorough regard, understanding purposes and needs within a unique journey – a journey in which we cultivate long term careers for fashion models, glamour models and commercial models through positive, significant exposure and collaborations with top international publication and brand teams.

Name: Anna
Instagram: +  Followers

Name: Natalia A.
Instagram: + 84'000 Followers

Name: Bleta G.
Instagram: + 41'300 Followers

Name: Coleen J.
Instagram: + 1'100 Followers

Name: Sophia C.
Instagram: + 145'000 Followers

Name: Ajsa H.
Instagram: + 100 Followers

Name: Evgenia P.
Instagram: + 1'400 Followers

Name: Alexandra M.
Instagram: 13'300 Followers

Name: Cleo H.
Instagram: + 2'400 Followers

Name: Irina N.
Instagram: + 1'200 Followers